Your first menopause consultation explained:

During this initial consultation, I will ask you to complete a symptom chart.

This is so that I can understand all about the challenges the menopause is posing for you.

Every woman’s menopause is individual to them – so don’t worry if your symptoms are not the same as your friend or relative is experiencing – that’s perfectly normal.

I will then work with you to suggest the best way forward for you.

Some women are anxious about the safety aspects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but many more are recognising the value of hormones that are provided at the right time, using medications which are licensed and regulated for use both by the NHS and privately.

We can discuss whether HRT is the right choice for you or I can suggest other options to suit your needs.

A physical examination is often not required but can be helpful in confirming a diagnosis and any blood tests which are required can be done at your consultation.

I will always provide a report for your own information, which will also be sent to you own GP unless you wish otherwise.

At a first consultation, I will provide any private prescription that we have agreed you require, and arrange a
three month follow up.